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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 14, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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leaders calling him to resign. listen to what democrat sandra levin of michigan said. >> i think we should send a strong message to him that he should resign. >> what message would that be? >> the more of us who say it, the more telling it will be. skbl what happens now? what more can they do? the answer is not much yet. they have some potential things. they're not doing that yet, randi. he told steve israel, the campaign committee chairman, weiner just wants to wait for his wife to get back to town. that will be probably tomorrow morning. they're hoping that conversation
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will force weiner to say, i'm done. and they're waiting for that. >> dana bash with the latest for us. time for me to hand it over to brooke baldwin. >> have a great afternoon. good afternoon to all of you. welcome back to cnn "newsroom." take a good look at this man. his naifd is david burgert. he has a bizarre past. he's on the run. dozens of local and federal law men are on a massive man hunt. they're looking for him in the rugged wilderness of western montana. three more states are on alert as well. burgert is a former militia leader. a survivalist with strong views against the government. he's considered a danger to anyone he meets. listen to this alleged plot. in from 2002. burgert and members of his
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seven-person militia wanted to assassinate everyone from the dog catch tore local judges to overthrow the government and start a war with nato. he denied the plot, but at the time they found two trailers packed with fire power and survival gear. that was after an armed all night standoff. he was released in march of last year. just this past sunday, burgert led slp deputies on a chase in the wilderness, acting like nothing was wrong. listen to a woman who saw him, watched him go on by. >> he waved to us on the deck. the cops were behind him. he acted like he didn't see them. mike dominic is joining me here on the phone. we counted at least ten local state and federal agencies involved in the search for this
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guy. do you have any idea where he is might be? >> right now we're not sure to tell you the truth on that. we believe he went into the drainage. we had a dog lead us there that eventually lost the scent. but supposed to be an experienced survivalist hiker. he was on the aircraft for ten hours. we weren't able to locate him in the several square mile area that we were searching on foot. we have patrols throughout the area. we're basically going into an investigative phase right now. >> okay. >> search warrants, arrest warrants. i read you consider him armed and extremely dangerous. he wanted to fight it out with law enforcement recently. what's your biggest fear about him?
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>> he comes in just a citizen. he steals a car. he wants to confront the government officials. my biggest fear is a traffic stop. that and the citizens in the area. people here are self sufficient. this area is fairly remote. >> i know it's remote. i know he's not from the area. yet apparently he scouted out the areas. you found -- what have you found in the camp sites. one deputy found a stash of clothing in another area. >> what does that tell you about him? >> he's prepared for
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confrontation. he said he was ready for confrontation with government. government couldn't keep him out of the conversations. he call ad patrolman and said he wasn't going to go down like he did last time. last time he was arrested by a s.w.a.t. team after threatening to commit suicide. >> do you think he's out there? he's trying to get you in some type of confrontation. >> you know, that's probably, i believe, how he started out. i think maybe he was surprised that an officer shot back at him. then he fled into the brush. we had plenty of officers that if he was interested in reengaging officers right now, they were more than plenty of them out there for him to find. >> any indication if he in turn was shot. is he out there in this remote wilderness possibly injured? >> yes, we don't know that.
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there was a shot heard several hours into the search. we don't know if that was him using a gun on himself or somebody just shooting up in the area. >> what's his state of mind? does this guy have friends? he sounds paranoid. >> with the people i talk to, acquaintances and probation officers. fbi officers that have dealt with him for over ten years. their take is he's lost almost all his friends. he seems to be a real loaner. we don't show anybody helping him. some parts of the population rbt happy with the government. 99.9% of the time they're law-abiding citizens. it's a great state to live in. >> you live in this neck of the woods. you would know. you know the neighbors.
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now we know folks not only in montana but three surrounding states. keep us surprised as to what's happening and when and if you catch him. we appreciate it. also i'll be speaking live with christian scott for more on the man who is now the focus of the massive mab hunt under way. history is being made today. the last time it happened the construction of the berlin wall had just kbn. just to give you perspective here. today the president of the united states made an official visit to puerto rico. we'll take you there live next. also senator chuck schumer breaks his violence on fellow new yorker anthony weiner. we'll share the senator's comments about weiner seeking treatment. it's quick and easy. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. yay! bundle your home and auto insurance at hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me!
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. a judge is ruling california's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, it should be thrown out. the judge who decide that had is gay and did not disclose his sexual orr generalation hat that time. so any minute now we should be getting a ruling on this one from another federal judge there in san francisco. let pe back up. here's the backstory. judge vaughn walker ruled that rop 8 should be tossed out. now a couple of months ago he public lis disclosed he's gay, has been in a committed relationship for some ten years. people who support the ban on
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same-sex marriage file ad mod a motion. they say he should never have been allowed to rule in the case because he and his partner stood to benefit from this specific decision. that's where we are right now. here to help me talk about this, unprecedented legal tactic is attorney lisa bloom. she's also the author of "think: straight talk for women to stay smart in that dumbed down world." good to see you. there's your book cover. this is the first time a judge's sexual orientation has been used as a rational to reverse a ruling. which way do you think this will go? >> well, this is the first time i know of a judge has been accused of bias because he's gay. but let's put it in historical context. i've been litigating civil rights cases for over two decades, and many times attorneys argue a female judge should not sit on a sex discrimination case. that an african-american judge shouldn't sit in are a civil rights case. every single time i'm aware of
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targets being made, the arguments have been rejected. you can't be too female, to jewish to rule on a case. i've read the judge's decision. it is length yi and details on both the facts and the law. it seems this is a desperate attempt by the anti-gay marriage forces to try to reverse the decision. i would be very surprised if it's rejected. >> given your historical perspective, you know, then a female would have to recuse herself from a rape case or an african-american from a civil rights case. do you think there's any point in time when a judge should come forward and have to disclose some bit of, let's say, ver personal information based upon a certain case or trial he or she may oversee? in the legal standard is actual biased or the interest in an outcome of a case. if i own stock and i'm a judge
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deciding a case involving exonn, i have to rekuz myself. i have a financial interest in the outcome. simply because someone is a woman, those judges have never had to recuse themselves. i think it's offensive there would be a suggestion. one could say men shouldn't decide them because they have an interest in the outcome. then who will you find to decide the case? someone without any race, any gender, any sexual orientation? those people don't exist. so the argument is tenuous. judge walker is not only gay, but he's in a long-term, committed rels ship. therefore he would benefit if he got married. judge walker said he has no interest in getting married. so your prediction is his ruling will stand? >> absolutely i think his ruling will stand. i also think it will stand on
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the merits. it's one of the most details thorough decisions i've ever read in my career. i would be very, very surprised if it's reversed. it's a desperate ploy. if it is thrown out that decision will come up on appeal. i hate making predictions, brooke. you pushed me into it. >> we sould eventually have some sort of culmination of what may happen. we were told judge ware would be coming down with the decision on the ruleg from back in august. hopefully we'll get that within the next two hours. thank you so much. appreciate it. did you watch the republican debate right here on cnn last night? even if you didn't, you're going to love the segment we have coming up. i'm going to speak with a body language expert. so many of you were tweeting me about things you noticed here and there about the seven candidates on stage and what were they really saying when they answered certain questions. also, we will go live to puerto rico. president obama was just there.
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you haven't seen this in 50 years. a u.s. president on an official trip to puerto rico. it's happening today. juan carlos lopez is there. juan carlos, we know whatever president decides to take a trip somewhere, it is political, i imagine the implications according to the puerto rican vote in the u.s. come 2012.
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>> exactly. and it's interesting that president obama said in his speech that he was just keeping his promise as a candidate to come to puerto rico as a president. but there's an interesting factor. puerto ricans can vote in the primaries. but they can't vote for a president in the island. they can vote for the president if they're on the mainland. currently there are more puerto ricans on the u.s. mainland than the island. there's a very important group in central florida. florida is a goal for both democrats and republicans. it makes sense to come to the island and send a signal to puerto ricans in the u.s. mainland. >> this is something i know you heard the president address today. is the political status of this tiny island. currently it's a territory. it could become a 51st state. there's a minority of people who wanted to secede from the u.s. the president said whatever people decide he will standby
12:19 pm
them. zbr we've addressed the question of political status. in march, a report from our presidential task force on puerto rican status provided a meaningful way forward on the question so that the residents of the island can determine their own future. and when the people of puerto rico make a clear decision my administration will standby you. >> big applause. juan carlos, power to the people. do we know what else the president was doing today in san juan? >> oh, yes. he visited the oldest running governor's mansion in the western hemisphere. he met with leaders for both parties and he also attended a fund-raiser, a very important trip. not only because he's visiting
12:20 pm
the country. a lot of controversy over his visit. but also because he'll be going back with funds for the dnc. >> juan carlos lopez in san juan, thank you so much. keeping our eyes on that fire in arizona. folks, it has now been upgraded. not in a great way. it's now the largest wildfire in that state's history. it's spreading to new mexico. jacqui jeras has the latest coming up. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing. twenty-five thousand mornings, give or take, is all we humans get. we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, really lucky,
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that's one serious machine. but you can do this. any socket can. the volt only needs about a buck fifty worth of charge a day, and for longer trips, it can use gas. so get psyched. this is a big step up from the leafblower. chevrolet volt. the 2011 north american car of the year. a shocking report today
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reveals large amount of weapons from the u.s. are fuelling the mexican drug wars. we have numbers now. according to the atf report in 2009 and 2010, 70% of weapons recovered in mexico came from the u.s. this report spurred senator dianne feinstein of california along with two other democratic senators to call for tougher firearms laws and regulations. meantime, the mexican government says more than 15,000 people died last year in violence stemg from mexico's drug war. folks, that is 40 people a day. president obama says congressman anthony weiner should step down in the aftermath of his whole sexting scandal. by doing that, congressman weiner could help his constituen constituents. want you to listen to what president obama told nbc. >> ultimately there's going to be a decision from his con stitch wents. i can tell you if it was me i would resign because public
12:24 pm
service is exactly that. it's a service to the public. >> and just a couple of minutes ago we heard from new york senator chuck schumer. here he was. >> those of us who have been friends of anthony weiner for a very long time feel his wrongful behavior is distressing, it's saddening. it's heartbreaking. now it's clear he needs professional help. that's what he sought. and that's all i'm going to say about this subject. >> also let me throw one more in there. another member of congress from new york, representative carolyn mccarthy says she's hearing congressman weiner quote/unquote might resign in a couple of days. last night the house approved his request for a two-week leave of absence as he gets treatment for hid addiction. you know we are paying more when we fly these days. the transportation department says u.s. airlines collected almost $5.7 billion, with a "b."
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that's $3.4 billion in baggage fee and $2.4 billion in reservation and change fees. the amount collected last year was twice the amount collected the year before. back to that wildfire still very much so raging in arizona. it's now officially become the largest in the state's history. now it's making its way towards puerto rico. jacqui jeras is here. you and i were talking yesterday. it was something like 10% containment. now we're hearing 18. at least that's one good sign. >> that's a lot of progress, actually, to be made in just 24 hours. so that's the good news. there is still some very slow advancement of this fire, and they're trying to prevent this thing now from spreading into parts of new mexico. much of the advancement is on the southern tier. winds are much lighter. that's the good news. that's why they're able to set more containment lines to prevent this from advancing at a more rapid pace. the dry conditions still remain critically low. that continues to be an issue.
12:26 pm
we talk about how terrible and large this thing is. it's now over 730 miles large of what is burned up. but there is some beauty in all of this. i want to show you this i-report. take a look at that. that was taken two days ago from andrew peilage who lives in phoenix. he did a time lapse effect with the camera to shoot the beautiful shots. one other things is they make very beautiful sunsets. >> can i just say one thing? i said san juan. oops. my bad. i meant arizona. it is also affecting a big state park in new mexico. what about air quality? >> air quality is still a huge concern right now. i want to give you a look at this satellite image from nasa. this shows you the heat signatures for the fire. look at the smoke spreading 200 miles away easy into albuquerque. we are getting reports they can smell this in parts of colorado springs. that's some 400 miles away. and they're issuing air quality
12:27 pm
alerts and impacts. you can see this dark red area here. that's where the worst conditions are. conditions a little bit better in central parts of new mexico. that's because the winds aren't as strong today. >> these folk who is run the mandatory evacuation, they've been heading home. >> yeah. and the air quality is very, very poor there for those folks. you know, the air conditioners, bring all that stuff from the outside inside. so that's a concern, too. >> tough to get a respite from any of that stuff. jacqui jeras, thank you so much. coming up next, what the republican candidates were really saying last night. a body language is here. i'm going to speak with him about moments just like this when tim pawlenty was asked about his recent attack on mitt romney. >> he's the one who said it was a blueprint and he merged the two programs. so using the term oobamneycare was a term. you ever wonder if your sunblock is water proof? a lot of them say it on the
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bottle l. don't you see it coming off when you get in the water? a week.
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it saves us so much time and money. postage meters are a lot more expensive. can you print only stamps? no. first class. priority mail. certified. international. and the mailman picks it up. i don't leave the shop anymore. now it's all under my control. and i like that. [ male announcer ] learn more at and get a 4-week trial plus $100 in extras including a scale and free postage to use during your trial. go to and never go to the post office again. the scores are in on the presidential debate. have you heard mitt romney looked presidential. did himself well in new hampshire last night. then you have michele bachmann. she stole the show by announcing yes, indeed, she's in the race
12:31 pm
for president. not just that, but she got in there and more than held his own. tim pawlenty, you heard about this, wouldn't say to mitt romney what he had said on sunday about mitt romney. all good fodder for my next guest, t.j. walker. he's a body language and media analyst. also a presentation coach. and t.j., first things first, you hit on something that all the other commentators appear to have missed that we've been watching into today. you said texas congressman ron paul looked as though he were, and your words, sucking on lemons. let's watch. ron paul. >> i'm the commander in chief. i make the decisions. i tell the generals what to do. one of the ways to solve this ongoing debate about marriage, look up the dictionary, we know what marriage is all about. but then get the government out of it. >> pat is a guest on my show.
12:32 pm
ron paul, sucking lemons. not so nice, t.j. >> he just looks like the angry man down the street growing up who is always yelling at the kids to get off my lawn. he's hunched over. he's scowling. he seems angry. let's opt out of everything. that really appeals to a certain hard core elements of tens of millions of libertarians in the country. they'll be e-mailing angry, nasty things to me. he doesn't come off presidential to most voters in my view. >> someone who has come off presidential to you. mitt romney looked pretty good. that's what folks are saying. michele bachmann looked good as well. how did they do. and specifically, how was their body language last night? >> well, michele bachmann came across incredibly comfortable. before this debate, the impression most people had of
12:33 pm
her who just see snid bits on news are wildly inflammatory sound bites. for the first time a lot of voters saw her give coherent answers. she came off likable, intelligent. we learned about her five children, her 23 foster kids. she came across as somebody who could be a true leader. if not the president of the united states, at least the true leader of a tea party movement or a certain conservative movement. she still has a problem that she's a member of the house. you look at the last 150 years, house members don't get nominated to be president of the united states. >> what about mitt romney, though? what about him says presidential? >> well, he's straight out of central casting. his look. he's got the ronald reagan hair. you can accuse me of being superficial, let's face it. americans don't typically elect ugly presidents. >> that's why we're having you on. >> he has the look. >> let me move on. forgive me, t.j. but i want to talk about tim pawlenty.
12:34 pm
a lot of people are dogging him. pawlenty got on tv last sunday, used the word obamneycare. saying mitt romney's health care plan was just like president obama's. last night he wontd say it to mitt romney, even though our own john king invited him to do it. >> your rival is standing right there. if it was obamneycare on fox news sunday, why is it not standing right there? >> president obama is the person i quoted saying he looked to massachusetts for designing his program. he's the one who said it was a blueprint and that he merged the two programs. so using the term obamneycare was a reflection of the president's comments. >> he's not even looking over. did tim pawlenty just wimp out there? >> he did wimp out. however, i think a lot of voters were looking at him and saying there's only two people who could really be nominated. mitt romney and the governor of minnesota, what's his name?
12:35 pm
pawlenty. so i differ with a lot of the pundi pundits. i don't think he destroyed himself. he looked like a wimp. there's no doubt about that moment. but a lot of people are not happy with romney. they're looking around. pawlenty is credible. he came across as intelligent, rational and thoughtful. he may not have helped himself as much as he could have. he didn't hurt his chances. >> some of them don't ultimately get the candidacy for president. some of them may have vice presidential nominations. maybe that's why they were playing nice last night. t.j. walker, thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up next, if the spf is higher than 50, does it give you more protection? i kind have always wanted to know that answer. especially since i had this thing happen to my nose. a little skin cancer a couple months ago. the fda just weighed in. then finally cnn has managed to get into syria. we've been trying for quite a while now. we have done this. we can now see for ourselves what is going on there on the
12:36 pm
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it is just about officially summertime. we should all be reaching for the sunscreen. the fda is trying to change the confusion. starting next year any sunscreen that wants to call itself broad spectrum has to protect from uvb
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and uva rays. uva rays cause wrinkles, uvb rays cause sunburn and can cause cancer. now only products with spf rating of 15 or higher can make claims of reducing the risk of sun cancer. >> fda is taking actions to provide uniformity and standards in the marketplace. when a consumer buys a product they know what to expect. they know it's been tested against rigorous standards and it will deliver the protection that's on the label. the waterproof won't exist anymore. they never worked as advertised. as for the mega sunscreens, the runs that say 70. i have 75 in my car. there's not enough research to show they work better than the
12:40 pm
ones labeled 50. and now cnn is going in depth again this week with our listening tour. seven republican presidential hopefuls took to the stage. casey is with folks in iowa who did indeed watch that. casey, what's their reaction been? >> reporter: well, last night the tea party here in iowa kicked off a month long bus tour in council bluffs with a watching party of the presidential debate. 75 members of the tea party gathering together to listen to what the candidates had to say. here's what some of those folks had to say. >> a lot of them have said less government. okay. that's one of the concepts of the tea party. the other concept that the tea party believes in is getting
12:41 pm
back to the constitution. that's one thing i haven't heard them say. but the idea of getting less government and less taxes, that's what i've hard. that's what i like so far. >> a couple people surprised me. one of them is newt gingrich. i think he's going to have campaign staff that will be wanting their job back. we'll wait and see. he's a little bit of an impressive fellow this evening. another one that's impressive as michele bachmann. i think she's got a connection to people that's just evident. and i really like her style. >> organizers of the event asked the participants who won the debate. they asked them to applaud when they mentioned the name of each of the different candidates. the loudest applause went to michele bachmann and to ron paul. what was very interesting though, not one single person watching from that tea party group applauded when they mentioned mitt romney's name. part of the reason is the fact that mitt romney has decided to forego the iowa straw poll later this summer. a lot of folks here feel like
12:42 pm
he's ignoring the state. >> not giving iowa the love they would like to get. casey, thank you so much. i want to share something with you. let's roll over to the twitter board and show this tweet. it says it's odd that obama thinks representative weiner should resign but not assaud. lewd tweets violates public service but not killing people? who is this coming from? pj crowley. when we come back, the u.s. got involved in libya. why not syria? and this just in. cnn has finally gotten in the country to see for ourselves what is going on there. we have new video just coming in from syria. ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪
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time now for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions. joining me is greg mcbride, a senior financial expert and
12:46 pm
linette is founder of the advice column. i have money sitting in a savings account. my bank wants to invest it in a commodities basket for five years. the gains have been 6%. the principal is fdic-insured. is this a wise move? >> if you have money in a savings account that's because you may need it for an emergency or other untimely expense. you don't want to tie it up in a commodity to limit your financial flexibility. the other thing to keep in mind is there's often an early withdrawal penalty that can leave you in the reds. if you take out the money early you can end up in the red. there are other ways to invest in commodities. you don't have to jeopardize the emergency fund to do its. >> ryan in michigan says i'm 18. i'm wondering if investing in a small duplex to rent out would be a good investment at my age.
12:47 pm
>> first, i have to say, wow. an 18-year-old thinking of having an investment property. a lot of people twice his age aren't quite ready. yes, at any age, frankly, if you're an adult and credit worthy, if you saved up enough money and have enough for a down payment, et cetera, you can qualify. investment property can be a good idea. the caution i would give to somebody that young is accomplish your credit rating and track record. make sure you're prepared for the rights and responsibilities of homeowner ship and particularly of being a landlord. it's not as easy as it seems. >> have a question you want answered? send us an e-mail. >> want to take you back now to the crisis playing out in syria. it's been ever since mid-march when syrians started taking to the streets. the government started responding with brutal, deadly force. we here at cnn have lamented the
12:48 pm
fact we cannot get into the country to report what's unfolding there. the syrian government quite frankly hasn't let us in. today we got in on our own. arwa damon. i spoke with her yesterday. she crossed in from turkey to try to find the refugees driven by the syrian army from the rebellious border town. here is arwa damon inside syria. >> this is the camp site located just across the syrian turkish border. the conditions are so dire as you've been walking through here individuals keep coming up to us, wanting to show us how much the families are struggling to survive. >> the women here are visibly upset. they arrived a few days ago from one of the small villages outside. they don't have much of a shelter either. these children with them that don't even have, you know, proper shoes. they're not able stay clean.
12:49 pm
they're filthy. it's just an incredibly desperate situation. this is also being used by adults to bathe themselves, bathe the children and do their washing. and this water is not clean by any stretch of the imagination. it's so murky it looks more like a stream of mud. this is something of a makeshift pharmacy that's been set up inside the camp f it can even be called that. muhammad, who brought most of the medicines, owned a pharmacy and piled everything he possibly could as he was fleeing. he's choosing to stay here because the people desperately need his help. he's the only person that they can go to for any number of illnesses that people are suffering from here. especially the children, give
12:50 pm
tennessee the rough weather conditions. so this woman who just arrived we're being told has high blood pressure and she's diabetic. those, for example, are two medicines he quite simply does not have. this is what this family has to cook on, and you actually don't see this level of so-called luxury small camp set. the tents, crude. a tarp strung between two sticks. you see the vehicles strung between trees as well. laundry scattered. the family crouching and waiting. and when we ask them what they witnessed they simply say it's too horrific to put into words. the next thing they want to know is when will they be able to go home because none of them have that answer. arwan damon in syria. >> tough look at that especially with those lit the children. the number of syrian refugees
12:51 pm
has topped 6,000 on the turkish side of the border. as we were reporting yesterday, they fled into turkey after syrian government forces entered their town and essentially wiped it out. that assault has prompted renewed calls in washington for the obama administration to step in. in fact, i want you to listen to this again. this is senator lindsey graham, republican from south carolina. >> if to it made sense to protect the libyan people against gadhafi, and it did because they were going to get slaughtered. the question for the world, have we got ton that point in syria? i think we may not be there yet, but we're getting very close. if you really care about protecting the syrian people from slaughter, now is the time to have let assad know all options are on the table. >> jill, you and i spoke yesterday. we talked about syria vis-a-vis libya. you told us how syria is much tougher nut to crack. i want to talk now about syrian
12:52 pm
president bashar al assad, he is a dictator. is there an alternative to him? and if so, could the alternative be worse? >> actually, bashar al-assad was actually considered a potential reformer, and that's what's been one of the factors here. he kept saying, even recently, don't worry, i will reform. don't worry, i will reform and the world wanted to believe it. but they haven't seen any evidence of that. so that's part of the equation why the world is being so slow. but when you're talking about, you know, viable opposition who could take over, that is a huge question, because you saw lindsey graham talking about libya. syria is the -- the opposition in syria is so far behind, let's say, in organizing, than the opposition in libya, that it's
12:53 pm
not even funny. so when -- at the state department today, when we're talking -- i asked this question several times. who are the opposition, what do they want. and mark toner, the spokesman, we can listen to what he said exactly hp he said they're simply not there as a group. they're still forming. here's what he said. >> there's not been a cohesive opposition in syria, and, you know, we're beginning to see this through the popular uprising. beginning to see that emerge. what we've seen frankly is, you know, as the violence, as the oppression has escalated, syrian people have only become more stalwart and more resolute in protesting the government and pushing for the kind of political transition that we believe is necessary. >> stalwart and resolute, but they're also being slaughtered in the process and that is the problem.
12:54 pm
what do you do right now? not down the road. what do you do to help these people. >> well, we have an ambassador over there. what is he do i think? is he meeting with president assad? >> well, no. he's not being allowed. he's a relatively new ambassador. there wasn't an ambassador for a number of years in syria. then president obama decided there would be an ambassador, that it was worth sending one. there was a lot of opposition, especially from republicans who said look, why are you rewarding the syrians by sending them an ambassador? mr. obama did it anyway, and they still maintain he's useful. but guess what he's doing? he' not being allowed by the syrians to meet with anybody in the government. he meets with the government -- >> so what good is that? >> he doesn't talk, you know, with the government.
12:55 pm
>> all right. jill dougherty with the latest there on syria from the state department. appreciate it. it hasn't even been 24 hours since last night's debate, but we just learned another republican candidate is about to enter the race. wolf blitzer is live with the political taker next. and here's a clue -- for now, it's not this guy. >> i can't say this any other way, i am not a candidate for president. i am not a candidate for vice president. if the vice presidency is offered to me, i will turn it down. so that was new jersey governor chris christie a couple of months ago. has he changed his mind? piers is morgan is going to join us next. to make a difference in peoples' lives. [ carrie ] you're studying how to be an effective leader. [ cherie ] you're dealing with professionals, teaching things that they were doing everyday. [ kimberly ] i manage a network of over a thousand nurses.
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all right, before we check in with wolf. parents, this is for you. you're going to get extra cool points with your kids this thursday. you should already hear the requests we're getting from cnn parents. you know who you are. mark your calendars, set your dvr. you have to watch this show thursday. why, you ask? because this young woman will be on. joining me, salina gomez, girlfriend of the biebs, justin bieber is going to be here. she can sing, she can act. she's be here this thursday in the cnn news room. and now, we shall talk politics
12:59 pm
with wolf blitzer. news fresh off the cnn political ticker. and wolf, let's talk last night, you were in new hampshire. you were there. what were your impressions? >> well, you know, brook, that i met justin bieber, right? >> of course you did. >> i met him -- i got a nice picture of me and justin bieber. i'll share it with you. >> if you have the inside school or any questions. >> i know he's got a zillion followers on twitter. i know i like his music and he's a nice young man. i met him at the correspondent dinner not this year, but a year earlier. >> so wolf and the biebs are tight. shall we talk politics? what did you think of last night? >> i thought it was good, i thought it was interesting. i love this kind of stuff. i thought the seven republicans, you know, they were pretty tame. tim pawlenty had a shot to take
1:00 pm
a punch at mitt romney. he didn't. i don't know why. a lot of people have been tweeting me all day. i asked him why didn't tim pawlenty follow up on what he said sunday when he went out and blasted romney on health care reform in nah ma and mandates. and why didn't he go further and sort of just backed off. a lot of people tweeted me, you know, maybe he's thinking of throwing his hat in romney -- if romney gets the nod, as running mate. i don't think that's what he was thinking but there are a lot of theories throughout why tim pawlenty decided not to hit back and hit hard at romney. i think there must have been some confusion among his own staffers or whatever. but in any case, the candidate is responsible for what he says. and in this case, pawlenty took the high road and didn't directly swing at romney. romney did well. he looked presidential. >> that's what everyone has been saying.
1:01 pm
he looked presidential and everyone played nice. for now. we'll chat with you later. maybe we'll learn later more about your relationship with justin bieber. many republicans are pushing chris christie to jump in the presidential race. we'll hear from piers morgan live. i'm brooke baldwin. "the news" is now. christie isn't the only governor mentioned in 2012 talks. hours from now, rick perry will step into the spotlight in what he says could spark rumblings of a white house run. >> i will not rest until i appeal obama care. >> so far the only woman in the
1:02 pm
gop presidential field. plus the manhunt is on for a former militia leader in montana. the. >> the deputy said he was calling when he was firing at him. >> police say he wanted to overthrow the government and even had a hit list. now after a shootout with police, there are concerns he had an elaborate escape plan all along. and it's being called facebook at the workplace. see how you could be interacting with your co-workers in the future. welcome back to you. i'm brook baldwin. let's begin. seven republicans and now the big question, after last night's debate is, are more on the way? will more republicans join the race for the white house? and here's the guy they talk about, folks. new jersey governor chris christie, still insists he will not run. 'h is tonight's guest on piers morgan tonight. guess who we have to talk about
1:03 pm
this? the man himself, piers morgan. good to see you. >> before you get too excited, i've actually got barry manilow in my studio right now. ♪ i write the songs that make the whole world sing ♪ >> very nice. i might have been playing ko kopa -- copacabana repeatedly and annoying the news room. people meet the governor of new jersey come away impressed and nay say he's the real deal. >> going back to his old school days. he was quite an athlete. they won a big baseball championship and he was a key player in that. let's not exactly a great athlete these days. and that itself is quite a fast
1:04 pm
nating part of the interview when he said what he feels most guilty about, he openly admitted his weight. he admits that might be an issue if he ran for president. he's a very impressive character. you've got to remember, he was a prosecutor. he had a 100% record. 130-odd cases. he never lost one. this guy has taken on everyone from the mafia to gangs to whatever you may want to throw at him and he's defeated them all. and i think he's a very, very pugnacious and charismatic man. now, the big, by question is can he be persuaded to run this time around. i interviewed his wife and two of his children. one is the boy that was playing baseball, the controversial decision to use his helicopter, yep. and they're all very personalable. but i got the feeling that he's decided not to run this time on family grounds. their daughter is in her early teens. i think she certainly made it very clear to me on camera that
1:05 pm
she was very against their lives being uprooted right now. >> but i do want to get to part of the interview. this is a big issue, education, obviously a huge issue nationally, but also in new jersey. and he also talks about his family. let's listen to this. >> one of your famous residents was complimentary and skaet scathing of you in equal measure. she was skaiting in saying if he believes so much in the education system in this state, why doesn't he send his children to a public school? >> that's my choice and my wife's choice. i happen to believe that a religious education is an important part of an overall education for our children. we decided to send our children to catholic school because we blooe tha-- believe that. i'm a graduate of public school. when our child was 5 years old i
1:06 pm
wanted them to go to public school, she wanted them to go to parochial school. they all go to parochial school. you can tell who yields the power. we've made that choice. but guess what, i still pay $38,000 a year in property taxes. most of which go to the public school system in my town, and we don't utilize pit .and i don't complain about it, because that's my responsibility as a citizen of my town and my state. but then don't tell me is that i can't be serious about public education. because i don't send my children there. every child is my responsibility in this state. and that's the kind of liberal no-nothing thinking that drives me crazy. >> i can see the fire welling up inside you. i can see a bit of real christie there. >> well, that's part of the real christie. >> so that's just one piece of him. but here's a bit of sound that i'm going to play. his wife. you were there in the kitchen talking to not only governor
1:07 pm
christie but his wife and she talks. husbands you don't always get the best rap for being good communiqcato communicators. she defends him .. >> we went to school this morning and there he was, president at every single thing in the school. the whole school must have considered him president for years. everything he does, he wants to be number one and he's already been called president for ten years. >> i think there's so many things chris can do the rest of his life after he's governor. i think he could be president. i think he would be a great president. but i think he would also be a great ceo. he would be a great person to stay home and, you know, teach college classes. i think he could do anything he wanted. >> what is it about him do you think? if it came top a presidential race, why should americans vote for him? >> because chris has an
1:08 pm
unbelievable ability to succinctly analyze a problem, come up with solutions, listen to people and then communicate the solutions. i mean, that's really what i think, you know -- there's no better communicator i know. >> so piers, bottom line, what were your impressions? and i think you answered this already, but do you think he'll throw his hat in the ring? >> well, look, we're still a long way away now from an electi election. i think it all depends on one thing. do the republican party as a whole think they have somebody who's already announced? to or is about to announce who can beat barack obama? and if they get to a few months time and they don't have somebody that they think can beat him, i think mb like chris christie comes into view very seriously. now, i've got no doubt from my interview, and you will have no doubt watching it that he will run for president someday. i think his choice of timing would be to run next time, not this time. but in the end, these chances
1:09 pm
don't go along very often. and i would be amazed if there's not more pressure on him rather than less. although some contenders did pretty well last night, there still really isn't that standout contender. and in christie, you have a real option. you've got this street fighting guy who wins battles, who has fire in his belly, who has the support of a loving family, and who is, i would say, a formidable competitor. >> and that is so much of what people are looking for. if they didn't see it on the stage, we may or may not be seeing it come 2012. perhaps later we will be watching. set your dvrs, piers morgan tonight, 9:00. forgive us for keeping barry manilow waiting. >> barry sends his love. he'll be on on friday night. i'm going to get him to have sing ♪ oh brooky >> i appreciate it. tweet me. if it is happening right now, you are about to see it rapid
1:10 pm
fire. i want you to see this legal history being made in california. experts say this is the first time a judge's sexual orientation is being used as a rational in an attempt to overturn a decision. he says the ban on same-sex is marriage unconstitutional. there's a group that wants the ban reinstated. a group wants judge walker to recuse himself. walker later announced he's gay and has been in a relationship for ten years. a shocking report reveals a large amount of weapons from the u.s. are fuelling the mefx can drug wars in 2009 and 2010, 70% of weapons recovered in mexico came from the united states. several lawmakers are now calling for tougher gun laws and regulations, but meantime, the mexican government says more than 15,000 people died from violence stemming from mexican's drug war. is that's 40 people a day. and take a look at these pictures.
1:11 pm
look at this. an ash cloud from a recent chilean volcano is set to make a connecting band around the globe. there's flight cancellations as that volcanic cloud lingers. now this. i know you hear that, but do you see that? golf ball sized hail and a rainbow. that is the scene in anton, colorado. that was yesterday. severe storms and hail pummelled part of the state. storms have moved south today. . >> the deputy said he was calm when he was firing at him. he had a bag strapped on, set to go. >> police say this is a former militia leader who wanted to overthrow the government and had an assassination list. but investigators say his bizarre past make him even more of a threat. that is next.
1:12 pm
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1:14 pm
[ male announcer ] want to pump up your gas mileage? come to meineke for our free fuel-efficiency check and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. as promised, we are now getting news about a ruling that came down last august. judge walker ruled the ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. there was a group, supporters of proposition 8 in california said that ruling shouldn't have come down because this judge later explained that he is gay and
1:15 pm
perhaps had a stake in that ruling. we're now learning that this federal judge has upheld a former colleague's ruling on prop 8 despite these questions that many of these people brought up about this former judge. let's bring back lisa bloom. i know you said you didn't like making predictions, but you called it. >> yeah, this was a pretty obvious decision to me, as i said. women are competent to rule on rape cases, african-americans are competent to rule on civil rights cases and gay people can decide gay marriage cases. i think this was a desperate last-ditch effort by prop 8 supporters to get a ruling they didn't like reversed and it seems to have fallen odeath ears 37. >> and one judge ruled this was unconstitutional back in august. he has since retired, has he not? >> yes, he has retired. and after he retired, he disclosed that he was in a long-term, ten-year long
1:16 pm
committed relationship with a man. apparently they had no interest in marrying, nevertheless, the prop 8 forces seized on that and said le had an interest in the case because he could have married and gotten economic advantages of marriage. but one of the things that judge ware, the one who made this decision today said in the oral arguments yesterday was that he performed same-sex marriages. i think a lot of judges have performed same-sex marriages or heterosexual marriages. doesn't everyone arguably have an interest in one way or the other in the outcome of the case? if they're heterosexual, they may have feelings about gay rights. gay people certainly have feelings about gay rights. where does it end? i think this ruling was consistent with a long line of civil rights rulings that, you know, we don't look at people's gender or race or religion or sexual orientation when deciding if they're competent as a judge. >> lisa bloom, thank you for hopping back on the lines so we could put a spear yperiod on thy
1:17 pm
and move along. as i said, you predicted correctly. now a manhunt for a former militia member who's considered a survival expert. dozens of lawmen, they're searching for this man. he's a co-founder of what was called project seven, a militia that allegedly wanted to assassinate anything from the dogcatcher to prosecutors and police and judges there in hopes of starting a war with the federal government and nato. ma vooul -- masoula county sheriff says he's prepared for a confrontation this time around. >> we do know that he is armed. he is wanting to confront law enforcement, government officials. my biggest fear is that an officer tries to stop him on a traffic stop on an unrelated incident and gets ambushed. >> reporter tristan scott pieced together his past for the
1:18 pm
newspaper. tristan, let's go back to project seven. what was this militia actually preparing for? >> hi, brooke. it's unclear what they were preparing for, but they gained notoriety as a paramilitary group in 200237 p. they stockpiled explosives and firearms allegedly in preparation for some sort of natural disaster or revolution. they plotted to assassinate local officials and go to war with the national guard and try to overthrow the government. >> obviously none of this happened. this was all just wart of thepa, i don't know, manifesto. burger went to prison as part of this case. how was he caught back then? >> well, actually in an incident very similar from what happened
1:19 pm
outside mizzoula recently in northwest montana where he was found armed with a machine gun. and afterwards, when he surrendered, authorities found a large cache of weapons and survival equipment and ammunition. the distinction of what happened then and what's happening now is that he's apparently firing at sheriff's deputies now. that's the biggest concern. >> that's the undersheriff told me and i know he told you, too. when i spoke with mike dominic on the phone, he described his as paranoid, doesn't really have any friends anymore. what have you learned about him? how can you describe him for me? >> well, he has a history of mental instability. he was diagnosed at a medical center in minnesota with paranoid personality disorder. he was later diagnosed with post
1:20 pm
traumatic stress disorder. and that dates back to childhood. he's also fairly litigious and legally savvy. he's been embroiled in lawsuits with local government agencies and law enforcement agencies. >> okay, so this is the guy considered armed and extremely dangerous, running around in some remote part of montana as we said. mizzou la county sheriff's offices want to find this guy. they're searching, three alerts in three other starts as well. thanks so much for jumping on. appreciate it. take a look the a the seven republicans who want to move into the white house. how likely is it that one of these people will win the nomination and then go on to challenge president obama? is there anyone missing? perhaps this guy. texas governor rick perry. there are rumblings he might make a run. and what he's doing tonight in new york could send off signals.
1:21 pm
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1:23 pm
. >> it is the biggest story of all from last night's debate. michelle bachmann, did she ever
1:24 pm
make a splash. watch this. >> we need everybody to come together because we're going to win. make no mistake about it. i'm going to announce tonight. president obama is a one-term president. we'll win. >> that got a big applause. let's bring in jessica yellin. i know you were there last night in new hampshire. now you are, poof, in new york. racking up the frequent flier miles. let's talk michele bachmann. how was she? >> she was forceful, she was clear. she made the case that she is a person in congress who has led on issues, like her effort to repeal health care reform. for somebody who has a history of making gaffes in public, she did more than avoiding gaffes. she made it clear that she impressed as a person who is a politician with true convictions and a clear case for her candidacy. she came out well. >> she did come out well.
1:25 pm
she's gotten great grades. despite pretty solid performances last night, folks are still wondering, some of them are even hoping that another republican will jump into this. we talked about, you know, chris christie just a moment ago. but then there's this guy. let's throw his picture up. we have the governor of texas, rick perry. watch this. >> are you going to run? >> i may run in central park this afternoon. >> maybe running in central park this afternoon. so that's rick perry for you, having a little fun with our producer in new york. asked if he was run. what is he doing? and this republicans really do want him in the race? >> he's begging people to beg him to run, isn't he? >> he is the governor of texas.
1:26 pm
he's speaking to new york county republicans, and this is a dinner that donald trump was originally going to speak to. look, rick perry has an interesting case to make. he's a clear social conservative. his credentials on abortion, opposing gay marriage are so strong if he were to run, he wouldn't even have to address them very much. he could almost assume republican primary voters know he's struggling with those issues and focus on texas. he can focus on the economic picture and take that to president obama in theory and make a case on that. he has a case to make. will he run? could he run at this stage? sure. he would have to get the donors. it's doable, but that's why he's
1:27 pm
still feeling it out and seeing if it's in the cars for him. >> begging people to beg him. we'll check back in with uh yo tomorrow and see how he did. thank you. it is a place where al qaeda is breeding the next generation of terrorists and right now in yemen it's not really clear who's in charge of that country. the u.s. said to be taking drastic measures in a secret cia operation. we're live at the pentagon next. piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! gg mom: you're home piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: gei. mutes could save you 15% or more.
1:28 pm
1:29 pm
1:30 pm
the cia is reportedly getting set to use drones in an attempt to assassinate al qaeda operati operatives. chris lawrence, what are you hearing about this escalating to armed drones? >> that's right. there are numerous reports that the cia is about to get involved, brooke. in effect, cia director leon panetta signaled that in his confirmation hearings saying the agency has been increasing its role in countries like yemen and co-zo mall yeah. christmas day, 2009, the man who boarded a flight bound for detroit and attempted to blow himself up onboard. he came from yemen. last year, the plot to send explosives in the mail to u.s.
1:31 pm
addresses. also that plot originating in yemen and the al qaeda branch there. numerous u.s. officials all the way up to the admiral mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff have repeatedly said al qaeda in the arabian peninsula represents the most direct threat to the u.s. homeland right now. >> given what's happening with the president, a lot of fears al qaeda in the ariebian peninsula would fill the vacuum. specifically, why drones? why is the cia running this covert program? >> there's been a small team of special u.s. operation forces training yemen's counterterrorism forces. maybe about 100 off and on, rotating in and out of the country, but that training has been suspended because of the situation there in yemen right now. there's a feeling some of those targets may have been flushed out in the open because of the unrest there, and also the unrest, the instability in the
1:32 pm
government there is giving them a possible opportunity to sort of strengthen their position in the country and launch their attacks. it's an opportunity that u.s. officials do not want to miss. >> chris lawrence, thanks so much. president obama visiting a place where no sitting u.s. president has been in 50 years. plus, it's being called facebook at the workplace. see how many people you could be interacting with and how you could be interacting with these co-workers in the future. what's this option? that's new.
1:33 pm
personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke.
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1:35 pm
>> president obama making an historic visit today and a new way of interacting with your co-workers. juan carlos lopez for me inform puerto rico. the president was there for a couple of hours today. but why puerto rico? what are the political implications of that? >> well, it probably has something to do with florida. there are over 4.5 million puerto ricans living in the mainland. that's more than those who live in the island. the difference is that puerto ricans on the mainland can vote in the ewleks. -- elections. it's also a good historical event, the president coming on the same day that president
1:36 pm
kennedy visited 50 years ago. >> what was the reaction? how was the president received today? >> overall, it was a very warm welcome. potholes were covered, buildings were painted. but you had different opinions. you had people who consider that the visit was too short. it was an hour shorter than expected. it was only for political purposes. to others who think that it's historic historical, that it's important, that having the president in san juan is an important event because it highlights the issues that puerto rico is going through, very high unemployment, 16%. so there is no consensus, but it is the story of the day and people still are commenting on the visit of president obama to puerto rico after 50 years. >> to uh so much. next, reporter roulette, dan simon in san francisco. i know a lot of people out there, you and i tweet, but a lot of people aren't allowed on social networking websites at
1:37 pm
work. tell me about yammer. what is it? >> well, this is a company we pro-vi profiled and if you've ever used facebook, picking up yammer will be a breeze. if you go to your own page, you can post something or a picture or video about your personal life. imagine taking that same concept and applying it to your work. you could post stuff about work and people could weigh in with comments. it's sort of a new way of communicating at the office. ive. >> sko more professional avenue, i guess, but why the need for social networking among your peers at the office? >> that's a great question, but these sites are really taking off. facebook has changed the way we communicate. this is a natural extension of that. so for some people, this is a great cool. it might be intimidating if you have an idea to send it to your
1:38 pm
bosses or one big e-mail chain. this way you can post your comment up on your yammer page and other folks can weigh in. it's sort of a more user friendly way to get your message across. >> so money. how does yammer make money? >> well, they have a free version, but they have a premium version. yammer has been around for a couple of years and they already have 80% of the fortune 500 companies. so chances are social networks is going to go to your workplace pretty soon, i would imagine. >> i know we do a lot of it here at cnn. through. >> nose nothing wrong with good old fashioned face to face conversation, too, dan simon. thanks. hey, 24 hours ago, cnn's john king was preparing to moderate a republican debate and today he's starring in his very own hip hop song. you heard me right. joe johns has the political pop. you've got to hear this next.
1:39 pm
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i had only one thing to say... sign me up. call the number on your screen now... and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. >> michele bachmann, a tea party movement darling and the only woman thus far to throw her hat in the ring. joe johns tells us what she's done and some mistakes she's made along the way. take a look. >> tea party darling, anti-obama fire breather, now congresswoman michele bachmann is ready for a
1:42 pm
bigger microphone on an even bigger stage. >> maybe we need to send a change of address form to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> with sara palin still undefieded, bachmann may be the only woman in a male of tough contenders. >> specifically those in the white house have been wrong about a few things. >> wrong about everything. >> wrong about everything! is that it? >> reporter: while seeking support, the 55-year-old minnesota republican will tout ore ideology and biography. she and husband marcus have five biological children. she's been a foster mother to 23 others. bachmann is chairwoman of the house tea party caucus and rails against excessive government spending and what critics call obama care. but her message isn't always on message like this gaffe in new hampshire. >> you're the state where the
1:43 pm
shot was heard around the world at lexington and concord. >> that actually happened in massachusetts. bachmann blamed her mistake although blamed media bias for widely reporting i. and this from iowa about the men who wrote the founding documents. >> the very founders who wrote those documents worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the united states. >> not exactly. many of the founders owned slaves. and delivering tea party reaction to the last state of the union address, she appeared off-camera. blame a two-camera mishap, but that didn't stop saturday night from poking fun. >> unfortunately that response was marred by some technical difficulties and it seems that its core message was not properly conveyed. accordingly, i have asked this time tonight in order to try again. so here goes. >> joe johns, cnn, washington.
1:44 pm
>> of she's going to have to brush off her michele bachmann. we're going to see more of her now. she officially declared live on cnn. what else have you found out about her? >> look, at that debate, what people found out is that she can articulate and justify policy positions. she's actually a very good debater. a tax attorney. we also know that electing a politician is not just about the policies. it's about the intangibles, whether you like the person. so that's why it was important for her to get out there last night and talk about the fact that she's got a bunch of foster children. it's clear she could very well be a force to be reckoned with, especially in iowa this election year. >> that was the debate thus far. we have seven contenders. but there was a bit of lighter side last night with a game of this or that, this or that.
1:45 pm
what do you have? >> presidential debates are very serious things. and what we know is that pop culture always creeps in, and when it does, you know, you learn what these candidates are like. when they're at home or watching tv with the kids or at the mall. so john king and company came up with a way to ask about some of that stuff in the debate, with a this or that debate. some of our friends over at potus radio took a musical version, shall we say, a recording and took some of the q&a and put it together. take a listen. ♪ leno or conan. >> probably lennon. >> blackberry or iphone. >> blackberry. >> mr. speaker, dancing with the stars or "american idol." >> american idol it is. governor pawlenty to you?or pep.
1:46 pm
>> elvis or johnny cash. >> oh, that's really tough. ♪ >> isn't that wild? >> we loved it. we might have played it a few times on the loud speakers. what does our pal john king think of that? >> i said hey, i'm going to play this, do you have any issues? he said fire away. down in my office, people are wondering why i'm playing hip-hop on the loud speaker, but it's all good. >> same with us. a little hip hop and barry manilow today. just been one of those days. appreciate it. thank you to john king for letting us do that as well. a heart-shaped meteorite falls from the sky.
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
>> finding a heart-shaped rock in your backyard, kind of cool. finding a rock that is a meteor that is heart-shaped? okay, that's something you've got to see. a man and his son were playing kick ball in their backyard when
1:50 pm
they noticed this funny looking rock. turns out the rock was shae heart-shaped and it's actually a meteor. meteors don't usually travel this far, get this far. they usually burn up while entering the earth's atmosphere. so there you have it. and now to this. this is video were showing around the news room earlier. this may be the cutest/, scariest thing ever. >> hello, mr. lion. usually people go to the zoo to watch the animals but in this case the animals were people watching. in this case baby watching. 1-year-old trent in if colorado springs. obviously the kid caught the attention of one of the zoo's larger animals.
1:51 pm
did you see how she opened her mouth a little too wide? now a situation, wolf joins me as always with a preview. what did you think of that video? what do you think the lioness was trying to say? >> you know, i can't guess, but i can tell you this, john mccain is here in "the situation room" with me. we're going to talk about libya, we're going to talk about syria. we're going to also talk about whether or not the president of the united states is breaking the law by not formally seeking congressional authorization to commit forces in libya right now. john mccain has some strong views. he's also got some news that he's going to share with all of us about what the white house plans on doing. so we're working that story. we'll obviously have all the reaction to last night's cnn republican presidential debate in new hampshire. and we also have one other story about this boeing 787 dream liner plant that boeing has
1:52 pm
built in south carolina. but the nrb says not so fast. they could be violating labor laws right now. jim demint of south carolina has strong views about what's going on. this is an issue that could affect the president, his re-electioned by. so many of ohis big business supporters are not happy with the position of the nlrb right now. they think companies should be able to go to any state in the country if they want to build a plaptd, create jobs. it's causing a little friction. we're going to be all over that story as well. >> these are live pictures as we're watching casey anthony hopping up in the courtroom in orlando. here's the thing, casey's tattoo artist took to the stand and revealed what he put on her back. the accused killer's back.
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
1:55 pm
>> $75 billion and nearly seven months later, spiderman turn off the dark is now set for its broadway opening. just about signaled end of the show's roller coaster ride. spiderman already had the longest preview in broadway
1:56 pm
history but missed the deadline to be considered for a tony award. now let's fast forward. i'm talking two days in advance here. thursday thursday, i will be speaking with salina gomez. you may not know her. your kids and grand kids do. she she's justin bieber's girlfriend. she's back in action after a health scare over the weekend. don't miss it. heart shaped stickers and a tattoo. the search of a family home and what's on casey anthony's back as the prosecution wind down its murder case. sunny hostin is here. a cia expert testified today about a box of heart-shaped stickers found in casey anthony's bedroom. i know we were talking about heart stickers yesterday. does that tie casey to her
1:57 pm
daughter's debt at all? >> well, certainly, that's what the prosecution contends. remember, brook, on caylee anthony's remains, duct tape was found and a csi expert testified that she saw heart shaped residue, or residue in the shape of a heart. i've called it the sort of phantom heart sticker. so that was found over the skull. and now prosecutors i believe are trying to tie that heart-shaped sticker to casey anthony. these stickers were found in casey anthony's room. the infeerns was the person who put the sticker on the duct tape, which is the murder weapon, would be casey anthony. i think it's a fascinating piece of evidence because it almost shows a sort of conflicted killer. why would someone suffocate a child with duct tape but then
1:58 pm
put -- seal it with a kiss, a heart-shaped sticker. now another piece of evidence that was entered into trial, this was found at the scene. it's a piece of cardboard with a heart-shaped sticker on the cardboard. that is different from the ones that were found in the anthony home. and in casey anthony's room. but still very interesting because the jury, brook, asked to see that piece of evidence again. so heart-shaped stickers, becoming a very, very crucial important part of this case. >> we know this tattooed artist took the stand. he tattooed bella vita. what's the significance? what are we to gain here from this tattoo? there it is. >> this was replaced on her back. it was tattooed by bobby williams, during the 31 days that caylee anthony was missing.
1:59 pm
and so the prosecution's contention is, this is a very odd thing. of course, for a mother to do with a missing child. she did make an appointment for this tattoo. and so certainly the prosecution perhaps is trying to get to premeditation here. but the prosecution in opening statements did say the only person that would lead a good life and would benefit from caylee anthony not being with us any longer is casey anthony. so perhaps that's why they've waited this long to put this piece of evidence in. that beautiful life, that tattoo. perhaps it goes to motive. i believe a prosecutor in this case really has to explain to the jury why a mother would kill a 2-year-old child. >> 30 seconds. what else does the prosecution do before they're finished with their face? >> you know, i have been pred t predicting that the tattoo artist would be the last witness. my understanding from the courtroom is that there are no other witnes


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